Joost Langeveld Origami Page

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           DIAGRAMS - Origami Planes  
 Click on one of the pictures or links below to see diagrams/instructions for a model.

        origami rocket plane                Origami Fighter Jet                Origami helicopters
        Rocket Plane                           Fighter Jet                                Origami helicopter

origami plane, model warbird                   origami plane, high speed plane                     origami plane, minesweeper
        Warbird                                    High Speed Plane                     Minesweeper

origami plane, eagle                    origami plane, model helicopter                    origami plane, stunt fighter
        Eagle                                         Paper Helicopter                     Stunt Fighter

origami plane: Stealth Plane                    Origami Flying Spinning Top                    Origami Concorde Jet powered Plane
        Stealth Plane                           Flying Spinning Top                Concorde

Folding an Origami plane    Folding an Origami plane
Joost Langeveld is showing a few of his own designed planes here.
He also designed the Origami papers himself (with a graphics program)

Click here for the page with some of his printable plane papers