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  Origami Food and Food Related diagrams
Kawaii kitchenJoost Langeveld

These are links to my pages with diagrams/instructions for food, candy
and other food related models:

       Origami cupcakes      Origami Candies
       Make cupcakes         Make paper candies

       Origami Club Sandwiches      Origami Orange Slices       Origami pumpkins
          Paper Club Sandwiches         Orange Slices                   Fold Origami Pumpkins

       Origami cocktail glasses      Origami pudding in a fridge       Origami cups
        Origami cocktail glass   Origami pudding               Make Origami cups

       Origami Hamburgers      Origami Candy Corn       Origami candy hearts
        Origami hamburger         Candy Corn                       Candy Hearts

       Origami chewing gum      Origami Doughnut       Origami Cream Cookies
        Origami Chewing Gum    Origami Doughnut           Cream Cookies

       Origami forks      Origami Table Knives       Origami Popcorn
       Origami Forks            Table knife                  Popcorn with Popcorn Box

       Origami Sorbet Ice Creams with Strawberries      Origami Juicy Fruit Cocktails       Origami Silver Spoon
       Sorbet Ice Creams    Origami Fruit Cocktails   Silver Spoon

          Origami Sticky Note banana candy          Origami chocolate bonbons          Origami Soft Ice Cream
          Origami Banana Candy            Origami Chocolate Bonbons    Soft Ice Cream

Origami Fruity Rainbow Popsicles        Cute origami heart shaped lollipops        Origami Sticky Note Marshmallows
        Rainbow Popsicles                Heart Lollipops                MarshMallows

origami candy close up picture        origami cakes with chocolate        Origami Juicy Watermelons
        Hard Candy                      Sponge cakes                  Watermelon

origami banana        easy to fold origami carrots        easy to fold origami milk carton
        Banana                              Carrots                             Milk Carton

tasty looking origami cake        realistic looking origami ice cream        origami fried egg
        Cake                                  Ice Cream                         Fried Egg

origami cookie        origami fortune cookie        origami french fries
        Pretzel Cookie                 Fortune Cookie                French Fries

realistic looking origami candy        origami lollipops        sweet origami candy cane                                                
        Wrapped Candy               Lollipops                           Candy Cane

Joost Langeveld Origami Master
        This is Joost Langeveld showing some of his Origami food
        models in his museum/shop in the Netherlands.
        From left to right: Joost with baked chicken, Joost with
        Origami spaghetti, Joost with a Sorbet and Joost with Pineapples.

And if you regularly make new models, like Joost does,
your kitchen can turn out the same as this one
Origami party kitchen       

                                                                         Origami party kitchen