origami flats clip art pictureorigami tv-set clip art pictureorigami city building clip art pictureorigami school buildingorigami fashion shop clipart picture of an origami eiffel tower in whiteclipart of an old looking kirigami towerorigami elephant on top of a high paper towerclipart picture of a high kirigami towerclipart picture of a kirigami tower in the snowpink origami mobile phoneorigami statue of liberty in whiteorigami tower of pisa worked out in whiteblack origami cellular phoneorigami and kirigami beach shoppink origami mobile phonereal working origami windvanelego construction with moving origami parrotsorigami windvane with fast rotating propellororigami windvane with wind powered flapping bird paper desert castle clipart picturekirigami toy-towergreek origami building clipart picturebackgrond clipart of an origami piramidorigami castle clipart pictureold looking origami tower clipart picturekirigami birdhousedrawing of an origami castlekirigami well Joost Langeveld Origami Page

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These are clip art pictures of my origami buildings and other similar objects.
You can copy pictures that you like to your own computer by clicking on a picture with
the right-button of your mouse and choosing 'save picture as' in the menu that appears.



money origami eiffel tower from france

money origami greek building

cute kirigami house

money origami piramid from egypt
dollar bill origami statue of liberty

euro origami windmill from the netherlands
money origami tower of pisa

Papercraft mobile phone

origami cute fashion shop clip art pictureorigami carbage binsline drawing of an origami Eiffel tower

Papercraft fashion shop

Papercraft City

Papercraft Casino
Papercraft Casino

Origami cannons

Origami castle island
Origami cannons

Paper city skyline

Medieval Origami Watchtower

Medieval Origami Prison

Origami Igloo
Medieval Origami Watchtower

Origami Igloos and Penguins
Paper city skyline

Birdhouses above the front door

Paper skyscrapers

Birdhouses above the front door

Paper birdhouse clip art