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 CLIP ART - Horror-Gami and other scary stuff
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These are clip art pictures of my own paper origami horror models.
You can copy pictures that you like to your own computer by right-clicking on it
and choosing 'save picture as' in the menu that appears.
Have fun!

origami ghosts

Origami Axe

toy origami axe
origami bat

origami crows of dead

origami black cat with yellow eyes
origami crow on dead tree trunk

origami dracula skull

origami wall with dracula skulls

origami fly
Origami Ghosts

origami ghosts
origami ghost house

origami ruin with ghost in front of it

origami grave with black crow on it

origami grim reaper

two origami grim reapers
teenage witch with origami witch hat and pink bow

origami papercraft tiny castle
origami papercraft haunted house

origami wooden haunted house
Origami Haunted House

origami scary hands holding a ghost

origami spooky tree

origami horror cat
origami headless horseman
scary origami ghost
origami mummies

easy to fold origami ghost

origami owl
origami owls sitting in a papercraft tree

black origami raven

origami bloody horror hands

origami skeleteton

Origami Zombie

origami fantasy ghost
origami cyborg robot
origami scythe

origami skull knife

origami spider

origami spooky tree with raven

funny origami fantasy ghosts

origami vampire on a papercraft building
origami vampire

Origami Vampire

cute witch with origami witch hat
origami witch

String with origami horror models
origami horror toys

Origami Zombies

horror-gami Frankenstein zombies
origami zombie

Origami graveyard
origami walking zombie
origami frankenstein zombie with knives

Barbie Origami Witches
Barbie Origami Witches
horror gami zombie with large knives

Origami Zombie Avatar

Origami Dracula Skull

Origami walking Zombie

Origami Zombie Hands
Origami Vampire
Origami walking Mummy

Origami walking Zombie

Origami Grim Reaper
Origami Vampire

Origami walking Mummy

Origami Owl
Origami Frankenstein Monster
Origami Owl
Origami Ghosts in a town
Origami axe
Origami Ghosts

Origami Frankenstein Monster
Origami werewolf
Spoken in een stad

Origami werewolves