origami clovers clip art pictureorigami heart shaped leaf clip art picture clipart picture of an origami japanese treeclipart picture of an origami holly leafclipart picture of a red origami mushroomclipart picture of an origami cactus with sombrero backgrond Joost Langeveld Origami Page

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These are origami clipart pictures of things like trees, mushrooms and plants.
You can copy pictures that you like to your own computer by clicking on a picture with
the right-button of your mouse and choosing 'save picture as' from the menu that appears.


Origami Tree

Origami Mushroom

Origami Cactus

Origami House Plant

mini origami flowers

clipart of an origami cactus

origami cattail

origami house plant

Origami Heart Leaf

Origami Leaf

Origami Branch with Leaves

Origami mushrooms

Origami seashells

Origami seashells

Origami Seastar

Origami Seastar