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LEVEL: 01             SCORE: 0010
                                                                 Hi Betsy! I have a question.
                                                                 You've had a holiday for a long time
                                                                 once, right?
                                                                 Yes, yes, I've been away from here for
                                                                 about 6 months a while ago

                                                                 How did you get the money to do that?

                                                                 Can you loan me some money, I want to
                                                                 get out of here for a while too.

To save the game it's enough to add the page where you are to the favourites of your
internet-browser (No special things are stored).

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Everything you see in this game is made of paper and called origami, kirigami or
papercraft. I made a filmset of about half the size of a living-room first,
then I made all pictures I needed for the game.
I have folding instructions on this site for most origami models you see in the game.

origami cow with a hat