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the NINJA-CAT SLAYER         LEVEL: 01 SCORE: 000000
                                                                 That's fast
                                                                 We were hanging around nearby...
                                                                 The whole neighborhood is being
                                                                 blackmailed by a ninja-cat!
                                                                 Sorry, no time for vague problems

                                                                 Oké never mind

                                                                 Probably to busy eating doughnuts,
                                                                 there's still something between your teeth!
To save the game it's enough to add the page where you are to the favourites of your
internet-browser (No special things are stored).

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I made a complete papercraft city which I used as background for this game.
All animals are origami, the cars are kirigami and all buildings are papercraft.
(This site has folding instructions for each animal you see in this game)

origami dogs dressed as cops