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    Origami ORCHID papers
These papers are for making a beautiful and decorative Origami Orchid arrangement
Origami Orchid paper                          Origami leaf paper                  Origami leaf paper
Flower paper                           Leaf and stem   front        Leaf and stem   backside

Origami Orchid flower

First choose a paper to print by clicking on it. When you see the paper on your screen,
click on 'print' in the menu-bar of your internet-browser and the Origami paper
will be printed.

If you want to print the patterns for the leafs, first print the front-side
of the pattern. Then, let the ink dry for a while. Then put the same paper in your
printer again, make sure that the back of the paper is printed on this time.
Now, you can print the back-side of the pattern for the leaf.
(Many printers do have the option of printing double-sized)