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                  VIDEOS - ORIGAMI PETS
These are all tutorials for folding funny Origami Pets
Origami sitting DOG - Fold a sitting dog out of one brown paper
        Origami dog

Origami Dachshund - Fold a real funny Dachshund (printable paper available on this site)
    Origami Dachshund

Beagle Puppy - Fold a cute and funny Origami Puppy dog
        Origami puppy

Origami Rabbit - Instructions for folding a real cute and realistic origami rabbit
        Origami rabbits

Origami Cat - How to fold a cool origami cat
        Origami cat

Origami Marmot - How to fold a cute origami marmot of special patterned paper
        Origami marmot

Origami Dog - Here I fold a funny origami dog with 4 legs