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                 VIDEOS - ORIGAMI REPTILES
These are some tutorial videos for folding cool and funny reptiles

Origami Snake tutorial - How to fold an Origami snake
        Origami snake

Origami Dragon Snake - How to fold a cool Dragon Snake with large wings

        Origami Dragon Snakes

Origami Fire Salamander - How to fold a realistic and cool fire salamander
        Origami Fire Salamander Origami Fire Salamander

Funny Origami Turtle - Instructions for folding a real funny turtle
        Origami turtle  Origami turtle

Jumping Origami Frog - Advanced jumping frog folding instructions
        Origami jumping frog  Origami jumping frog

Origami Crocodile
- This is not a very difficult model to fold

Origami Turtle - This is the first turtle I've designed
        Origami turtle  Origami turtle

Origami Snake - This snake is real easy to fold, but looks great with the patterned paper
        Origami snake  Origami snake