Joost Langeveld Origami Page

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                    VIDEOS - ANIMATIONS etc.

Fold a large Dragon - Joost Langeveld folds a large dragon on television

Origami WinterWonderland - Funny video with my origami models outside in real snow

Origami Tulips - I made about a hundred tulips for this video

Origami Flowerpark
- Everything in this video is made of paper

Origami Pig Farm - Wasp stitching a pig

Origami Bird Animation - Flying origami bird through the forest

Origami Butterfly Animation - Flying origami-butterfly

Origami Gull Animation - Origami gull in the sea

Origami Wasp - Origami wasp flying to a flower

Origami Fish Animation - Origami fish swimming in the sea

Single Origami Flowers - I made about 75 flowers for this video

Flying Origami Wasp - Flying origami wasp

Origami Fish in the Sea - Swimming origami-fish

Origami Tulips - About 24 origami-tulips