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           VIDEOS - origami flower BOUQUETS etc.
These are video tutorials for some real nice fantasy flower arrangements

Origami puffy flowers - Make a colorful bouquet of papercraft origami puffy flowers

        Origami puffy flowers

Sticky Note origami flowers in a Pot - How to make cute sticky note flowers

        Origami sticky note flowers

Sticky Note origami flower - Make a bouquet of sticky note origami flowers

Origami Bulb Flower - Complex model of a pink origami bulb flower
        Origami bulb flower

Vase with cute origami flowers - This is a low-budget way of making pretty origami flowers
        Cute pink Origami flowers

Basket with White Flowers - All coloured patterns for this bouquet are handmade
        Origami flowers in a basket

Bouquet of pink Flowers - With explanation of making a stem without a metal wire in it.
        Pink Origami flowers in a vase

Tulip with stem - A complete tulip with stand 
        Origami tulips with stand

Pink Flowers
- Explanation for a bouquet of pink flowers  

          Pink Origami flowers in a vase

Bouquet of Flowers - These are thin flowers
        Sweet and cute Origami flowers

Flower with leaves - These flowers are folded of a paper with 6 sides (hexagon)
        Red Origami flowers in a glass vase

Flower with Stem and Leaves - The flowers are folded of a triangular piece of paper
        White Origami flowers arrangement

Flower with Stem - I fold this complete flower in less then 2 minutes
        Origami flowers with stand