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        Video-instructions for Origami Dinosaurs

These are some videos with instructions for folding cool/funny/cute origami dinos.

Loch Ness Monster - Joost Langeveld explains how to fold an Origami Loch Ness Monster
      Origami Loch Ness Monster

Origami Archelon Jurassic Turtle - DIY video for a cool dino turtle
        Origami turtles on a beach

Origami Brachiosaurus - How to fold a real cute and funny origami dinosaur in no time

        Origami brachiosaurus

Origami Velociraptor - How to fold a cool and aggressive looking origami dinosaur

        Origami velociraptor

Origami Spinosaurus - How to fold a cool and funny origami dinosaur in a few minutes

        Origami spinosaurus

Origami Velociraptor skeleton - Make a cool dino-skeleton of white printer/copy paper

        Origami velociraptor skeleton

Origami Pachycephalosaurus - How to fold an origami Pachycephalosaurus

        Origami pachycephalosaurus

Origami Archaeopterix bird - Video instructions for a real colorful dino-bird

        Origami archaeopterix

Origami Seismosaurus - Instructions for a pretty easy to fold Seismosaurus

        Origami seismosaurus

Origami T-Rex - How to fold a cool T-Rex dino of a green piece of origami paper

        Origami T-Rex

Origami Pterodactyl - Instructions for folding a flying Pterodactyl dinosaur

        Origami pterodactyl

Origami Stegosaurus - Instructions for folding a dino with large spikes on his back

        Origami stegosaurus

Origami Apatosaurus dino - This model is fun to fold of a real big origami paper

        Origami apatosaurus

Origami Triceratops - Folding instructions for a funny Triceratops dino

        Origami triceratops

Origami Dimorphodon - How to fold a colorful dimorphodon dinosaur

        Origami dimorphodons

Origami Ankylosaurus - Instructions for folding a cute and funny Ankylosaurus dino

        Origami ankylosaurus

Origami Dimetrodon - Fold a real cool origami Dimetrodon of a colored paper

        Origami dimetrodon

Baby Dino in Egg - How to fold an easy origami baby dinosaur in his egg
        Origami baby dinos in their eggs