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               VIDEOS - Origami FASHION ACCESSORIES
These are all tutorials for various fun and beautiful Origami fashion models

Paper bangle with Origami STUDS - Make a bangle with pink pyramid studs
    Bangle with Origami studs

Fabric Origami Purse - Fold a purse / clutch using paper and a piece of fabric
        Origami purses

Paper Origami Cowrie Beads - Make a necklace with Origami Cowrie beads
        Origami Cowrie beads necklace

Origami STUDS (Make triangle studs) - Easy way to decorate boxes, vases, pencil boxes, cloth hangers etc.
        Studded pencil case

Origami Foxtail - Make a realistic decorative paper Origami Fox Tail charm with ring
        Origami foxtail

Origami Cowboy Hat - How to fold a cool paper Cowboy Hat
    Origami Cowboy Hat

Origami Sombrero - Joost Langeveld shows us how to fold a cool Sombrero of one paper
        Origami Sombreros

Origami Silver Diamond(s) - Fold cool and beautiful shiny origami diamonds (easy)
        Origami Diamonds