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  Videos - Origami FRUITS and Vegetables

Origami Peeled BANANA - Fold a tasty looking banana
    Origami peeled banana

Origami Orange slice - Fold a juicy paper Origami ORANGE SLICE
        Origami Orange slices

Origami pineapple - Joost Langeveld is folding a life size Pineapple in this video
    Origami pineapples

Origami Watermelon - DIY video with me folding a fresh watermelon
        Origami watermelons on a plate

Origami Carrot - This carrot is real easy to fold
        Origami carrots

Origami Cherry - How to fold red and tasty looking origami cherries
        Origami cherries

Origami Banana - How to fold a realistic and tasty looking origami banana
        Origami bananas

Origami Strawberry - How to fold a tasty looking origami strawberry
        Origami strawberries