Joost Langeveld Origami Page

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                       VIDEOS - Origami Planes

Origami Helicopter - Make a cool paper toy helicopter
        Paper helicopters

Fighter Jet Plane - Fold a real cool Origami Fighter Jet!

       Origami Fighter Jet

Origami Rocket Plane - Joost Langeveld shows how to fold an easy Rocket Plane

      Origami Rocket Plane

Origami Concorde - How to fold an Origami Concorde plane

       Origami Concorde plane

Origami Flying Spinning Top - Easy to fold origami flying spinning top instructions

        Origami flying spinning top

Origami Plane: WING FIGHTER - Video instructions for a futuristic looking origami plane
        Origami Wing Fighter

Origami Plane: INTERCEPTOR - Cool and easy to fold origami plane
        Origami Interceptor plane

Origami Stealth Bomber - How to fold an extreme cool plane in no-time
        Origami Stealth Bomber

Origami Space Shuttle - Video instructions for folding a cool Space Shuttle plane
        Origami Space Shuttle

Afterburner - The flames on the wings make this plane even more cooler

Origami Plane: Missile - This paper missile can really fly
        Origami missiles

Cool plane, Falcon - This paper plane looks fast and flies like a rocket
        Origami Falcon

Funny origami plane - This plane looks like a gull flying in the air

High Speed Plane - This paper plane flies very fast and in a straight line
        Origami High Speed Plane

Paper Plane: Jetfighter - This origami jetfighter flies like a rocket
        Origami Jetfighters

Origami Bomberjet - Cool paper plane that flies pretty good
        Origami Bomberjet

Paper Plane - This plane is not very difficult to fold

Eagle Plane - This plane is shaped like an eagle
        Origami Eagle Plane

This site alse has printable Origami papers for some of these planes:
Click here for the page with printable plane papers