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           VIDEOS - Origami Tools and Weapons
These are some video tutorials for real cool tools and weapons

Origami Gun - How to fold a cool Origami gun
        Origami gun

Origami saber - Fold a cool paper (pirate) saber out of a black paper and aluminium foil
        Origami Saber

large Origami Kitchen Knife - How to fold a realistic and large Origami kitchen knife
        Origami kitchen knife

Origami Dagger - Fold a paper (and aluminium foil) dagger
    Origami dagger

Fold a Cannon - Cool video tutorial for folding an Origami Cannon
        Origami cannon

Origami shotgun - Joost Langeveld gives instructions for a real (!) cool Origami shotgun

       Origami shotgun

Origami Scythe - Fold a cool and easy origami toy scythe

        Origami scythes

Origami Trident - How to fold a cool trident spear
        Origami Trident  Origami Trident

Origami Spear - Video instructions for folding a cool origami spear
        Origami spears

Origami Samurai Sword - This video shows how to fold a cool Samurai Sword
        Origami Samurai Sword  Samurai sword

Origami Hammer - Video instructions for making a realistic looking origami hammer

        Origami hammer

Origami Axe - How to fold a real cool origami axe, easy!
        Origami axe  Origami axe

Origami Sword - Instructions for folding a cool origami sword
        Origami swords  Origami swords