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               VIDEOS - Origami Vehicles
These videos show you how to fold various paper boat models

Origami RACE BOAT - Fold a cool Origami race boat
        Origami race boat

Origami TUGBOAT - Fold a pretty advanced paper Tugboat
        Origami tugboat

Origami BOAT - Fold a cool and modern Origami boat
        Origami boat

Origami boat in a bottle - Fold an Origami boat and fit it in a real bottle using an Origami stick
        Origami boat in a bottle

Origami Canoe - How to fold a canoe with paddle
        Origami canoe

Origami Submarine - How to fold a cool submarine of one black paper
        Origami Submarine

Speedboat - Easy-to-fold origami speedboat
        Origami speedboat  Origami speedboat

Origami Sailboat - This boat is folded from a single square piece of paper
        Origami boats  Origami boats