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Origami heart
     STARTING WITH ORIGAMI (archive page)
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If you are just starting with origami it's best to start with the more easier models.

You can search the internet for diagrams, because on almost every site about origami
are diagrams for various models. And nowadays, people also place videos of folding
models on the internet.

Almost every sort of paper can be used for origami, as long as it's not to thick.
I like to print my own patterns on copy-paper.

Take your time to learn to fold a new model from a book or the internet. If you don't
understand a diagram, just lay it apart for some time and try to fold it later.

Below are a few videos of folding models which are nice to start origami with.

Folding a Tulip

Folding a Flower

Folding a Bird

This is also an easy model to fold. Click on the picture
if you want to see the diagrams for folding this heart.
click to see diagrams for folding this heart

This box is not very difficult to fold too. Click on
the picture to see diagrams of it.
origami box

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