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Origami Master from the Netherlands - Author of 10 Origami books - Part time IT employee

Joost Langeveld    Joost Langeveld    Joost Langeveld   Joost Langeveld   Joost Langeveld 

I like making things with my hands and being creative. I've always had ideas / new things
in my head which I want to work out for real.
At pre-teen age I made lots of comic book stories, with friends most times.
I also made things out of Technic Lego (I still do that sometimes).
During teenage I did a lot of software programming, I made simple games and vector animations.
By doing creative things with computers I met many other computer freaks and learned
a lot from them.
When I was about 21 years old I started making things from wood, like
clocks, simple sculptures, small closets and 2 times a poolbiljarts table.
I was 26 years old when I discovered Origami. The nice thing about Origami is that you don't need
loads of materials to make something beautiful. Origami doesn't have to be an expensive hobby,
paper is available in almost every store / shop.
Origami is more for me then just designing models and showing them to other people.
I also like making things in Origami style, like animations, computer games / adventures etc.
Just bringing Origami more alive.
Origami has given me a lot, not just financial, but also contacts with other creative people.

My Origami Videos
My videos, mainly Origami tutorials, are on several sites, most of them are on Facebook and YouTube.
I started a complete new channel on YouTube and on LinkedIn are videos about myself and me in the
traditional media:

Joost Langeveld Facebook        Joost Langeveld Twitter        Joost Langeveld Flickr        YouTube Joost Langeveld Origami            LinkedIn

My Origami Books
I made 10 Origami books until now, they contain instructions for models designed by me. They're sold
mainly in the USA, most of them are available through Barnes and Noble

Origami Wreath           Fabulous Folded Flowers             
Origami Wreath                            Fabulous Folded Flowers


Origami Exhibitions
Every now and then a have an exhibition somewhere, this is a nice exhibition I had in a nursery home:

          Origami Escher

Origami workplace / exhibition space / studio
I use the low floor of my appartment for my Origami and paper models. I make most of my videos here
and I use it as exhibition space for my own designed models.
People can make an appointment through email if they want to come and take a look  (I live in the Netherlands)     

       Bathroom with paper decorations  Origami Escher  Paper Witches Dollhouse