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JOOST LANGEVELD IN THE MEDIA (TV, newspapers, magazines)
Origami / paper / folding artist from the Netherlands - Author of 10 Origami books  

Joost Langeveld   Joost Langeveld   Eating a croissant    Joost Langeveld   

Traditional media (television, magazines and newspapers) regularly ask me to help them make
an item with my paper and Origami models. They're always very enthusiastic when they see my
models and artworks in real.

"Joost his house is full of Origami" - OOG TV media network
Joost Langeveld has been doing Origami for about 20 years now. Due to this hobby that got out of the hand his house became a real Origami museum.
Build a paper castle
"Paperfolding had something fascinating", Joost says "Making something beautiful out of just one paper, without cutting." Joost started his hobby 20 years ago. "You can actually make everything out of paper: Cars, a Ferris Wheel, houses, furniture. So you never get bored with it."
20 years of folding has it's cons for Joost, he can't really use his own bathroom and kitchen at the moment, because they're full of paper artworks. There's mainly 'paper food' in his kitchen. "I can take a shower and cook at my mothers home, she lives nearby. And I can wash my clothes in my own home, luckily."
Click here to see the original article by OOG TV

Item in newsprogram - Hart van Nederland
This is me in Hart van Nederland, a newsprogram in the Netherlands. They interviewed me during my open house weekend in 2024:

       Joost Langeveld  
"And Joost keeps on folding. His house is getting real full with paper models, he almost doesn't fit in it himself"

Joost lives in a paper paradise   (DAGBLAD VAN HET NOORDEN)
Because of my open house weekend in 2024, I invited a large newspaper magazine to come and
take a look in my house. They were very impressed and made a real nice article about me  🙂

Papieren Paradijs    Joost Langeveld

This is a brief translation of the article:
Joost Langeveld is Origami artist, his house is full of folded models he created himself. You could say Joost created a paper reality. The kitchen for example, looks like a normal kitchen with a real dinner table, real plates etc. but all the food like fried eggs, hamburgers, strawberries and pastries are fake. The door of Joost his fridge is always open, but the milk, sandwiches, pudding and cheese don't get spoiled. "My curtains are always closed, everything discolors by sun real fast.", says Joost.
Joost works 18 hours a week as ICT employee in a nursing home, but he spends most of his time on Origami and everything that has to do with Origami. Joost likes working with his hands and he also wants to be very good in something, Origami gives him that opportunity. Before Joost started on Origami, he tried other things like pool billiards. As teenager he played in pool bars and café's, just for fun. In his early twenties he even practiced 6 hours a day and became pretty good, sometimes even clearing the table in one turn. But pool billiards became to monotonous for Joost, so he started focussing on Origami, a logic choice.
Joost got inspired by seeing photos of Origami artworks on the internet and started with folding various flowers. People around him were totally impressed by the flowers he made and this also inspired him to go further. Soon he started making instruction videos and placed them on Youtube. His videos got millions of views and were watched all over the world. "Mostly by woman, but that doesn't matter", says Joost. "People folding models which I designed myself gave me a real kick". Joost earned a few hundred euros a month with his videos, but deleted his channel after a few years.
Fans were really worried, some even thought Joost was dead. But Joost is still alive and well. "I just had it with Youtube, I began feeling like a Youtube slave. They once asked to check all videos whether they're made for kids or not. "I had 500 videos that period, I had better things to do than checking 500 videos which were already uploaded"
Meanwhile he's back on Youtube, starting from zero with less subscribers, Joost shrugs his shoulders. He also makes Origami books: "This is my first book, Fabulous Folded Flowers had a first edition of 12.000 copies, sold in the USA. And this book, Flower Origami, more than 75.000 copies sold, really.
Joost isn't an Origami purist, he also made things like a mini-city with ferris wheel and a large witch house. "crafting / art should remain fun", says Joost
Soon, Joost is having an Open house. About 50 to 80 people already registrated for the open house weekend in April. To avoid Project X situations (You never know in Haren), Joost wants to spread his visitors a little. "So, if more people are interested they can contact me to make an appointment for visiting".

My Origami Videos
After I learned how to design Origami models, I started making DIY videos with my own models.
MetaCafe and YouTube asked me to be their partner because my videos had lots of views.
I've earned the most out of YouTube, but deleted my Youtube channel after 8 Years,
because it was feeling like I was making videos for YouTube instead of for myself and others.
Nowadays I'm spreading my videos over about 5 different sites, including a fresh new YouTube channel.

A large newspaper magazine in my country interviewed me once about my videos and books:

Origami YouTube artist
Click here for the site of this Newspaper and here for more info about me (Joost Langeveld) (Google translate might be helpful)

Local Newspaper Magazine
I invited the local newspaper to come and take a look during my first open house weekend and they
placed a small article about it in Haren de Krant , a local newspaper magazine in the Netherlands:
Origami artist    Origami Geranium    Joost Langeveld 

Click to see the original article
As teenager he was handy with computers and made small computer games. He also went to several computer fairs and  met other computerfreaks. “But eventually the digital world was to empty for me, it's not tangible”, Joost says. “I wanted to work with my hands. I made a steering wheel for racing games once, completely out of wood. I was actually pretty good in woodworking.” Later Joost lost his interest in woodworking a discovered a new material: paper. The art of Origami draw his attention and Joost started folding a few models, just for fun. Folding a dog or a flower. "Origami had something magical and I kept on folding, discovering new things each time I started on a new model".

Gardening Magazine
A gardening magazine once placed a small article about my site with Origami flowers:
Tuinieren Magazine            Joost Langeveld
"If you think Origami is only about folding cranes you should take a look at Joost Langeveld 's site
to find out Origami is more than just folding cranes. He folds flowers and leafs which just look like
real ones. If you want to try out yourself: His site has many folding instructions for flowers and leafs."

This is the site of the gardening magazine (with real flowers and leafs)

Short Guided Tour through my (Origami) house:
RTV Noord (a TV network from the Netherlands) was the first to come at my home for a television interview:
Joost Langeveld

On this page of the TV-station is an article about me (Google translate might work)

Simone FM Interview by Simone FM
Simone FM radio did a live interview with me once.
It was fun to do, I placed the interview in this video:

SBS6 Broadcasting    Selma van Dijk   
News program with my Origami
This was the first time people from SBS6 Broadcasting came filming at my house:

Origami king of the Netherlands
Next to Willem-Alexander the Netherlands has another king now.
He might be a little less famous, but that will probably change soon.
It's Origami king Joost Langeveld, his videos have millions of hits.

Selma van Dijk    Origami Stad    Origami Stad    Joost Langeveld

Man Bijt Hond Folding Fish and Chips on Television   
Today we have Joost Langeveld in our program, he used to be Origami king, but now he calls himself
Origami "Master". This title is earned when you are extremely good in something and Joost really is.
In his DIY videos Joost shows how to fold beautiful Origami models. His videos have many viewers
all over the world. Joost says: "The fun about Origami is that you only need one piece of paper" .
Today the Origami Master teaches us how to fold "Fish and Chips" of his self made papers.

(text: Man Bijt Hond Netherlands)

    Joost Langeveld

Origami Rabbits    Origami Food    Folding Origami French Fries

Visit at an Origami Museum     Interview with Joost Langeveld    Origami Escher
We were really impressed when we visited Joost Langeveld in his Origami museum.
He has developed into a real Origami-Expert and his house is full of the most beautiful Origami models.
Langeveld proudly shows us his Escher and Van Gogh, real Origami masterpieces.

        RTV Noord

Origami Food    Joost Langeveld    Origami Cheese

BZT Show Joost Langeveld BZT Show - Origami Dragon
A TV program from the Netherlands invited me to help two Boys folding a large dragon.
Their wish was to fold a very large Origami Dragon.Folding it was a little more difficult than they expected.....

    BZT show

Origami Dragon folding    Origami flowers    Joost Langeveld

Telegraaf newspaper  Largest Newspaper of the Netherlands: Puzzle with Paper
Please blink your eyes for a few seconds. Because those croissants on that counter... Are made of paper!
Just like the aubergines, the cutlery and most others things. Joost Langeveld (46) is ICT employee five
mornings a week and Origami Master for the rest of his time. Whatever he sees and likes, he can make
out of one paper square.
About 15 years ago  Joost had the wish to become extremely good in something and decided to focus on
Origami. The first few years he made models out of other peoples instructions, later he started designing
his own models, mainly flowers at first. But also animals and food like a croissant, a hamburger or
French Fries.
It's difficult designing models with all those edges, but that's what makes Origami so interesting.
Designing is like solving a puzzle, Joost says. Sometimes the model is good in one try, other times it just
doesn't go right for him. In those cases, Joost leaves the model for a while and tries again with a clear
mind a few hours later.
Joost designed about 750 models so far, some models are real stunning. His house is a true
'Paper Art Museum' full of beautiful creations like a minature city and a large castle. His first exhibition
is done now: At his daytime work in a nursing home.

Joost Langeveld    Joost Langeveld
(photo: Jos Schuurman, click here to see the original pictures for this article)