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I use my own Origami and paper models for the sprites and backgrounds in each game.
Choose a Game below:

Dollhouse Office

Origami online game
Pacman Game Console
Blue background
Gaming teenage girl
Pink background
The Ninja Cat Slayer
Yokozuna cat on a quest to slay a criminal cat
Mail for the King
Travel through the forest to deliver an important letter
Online Shooting Gallery
Shoot all targets, not the fluffy stuff.....

Origami underwater world
Underwater Adventure
Help mr. Turtle removing a large anchor which is blocking his home.
Online Pong game
Play Pong in Origami style

Online Origami Jigsaw Puzzles
These jigsaws vary from 'way to easy' to 'pretty difficult'

Zombie Hunter
Shoot the zombies, bats...
just shoot em all!
Online Snake Game
Eat all the cherries, yes all!

                                        Pink background
Treasure Hunt in the desert
Two elephants searching for a treasure

Paper prison
Escape through the mountains and find your way back home


Dark yellow background
Green background
Paper desert castle
Save the Day
Find out why your business is loosing so much money lately.

Dark yellow background
Light green background

Blue background
Paper house
Light green background                                        
Origami animals

Find a job for the Cow
A Cow wants to have a new job that pays better

Green background

Brown background
Green background

Shooting Gallery

Online Pong Game

Brown background
Online Origami Memory

Pink background

Online Jigsaw puzzle
Pink background

Online Memory Game


Online Snake Game

Zombie Hunter

What time is it?!
Time and date gadget in origami style

Light brown background

Light pink background                                         
Drag and Drop Calculator
Save this cute calculator to your
favorites or add a link to your desktop

Joost Langeveld
Steal from a Museum
Try to steal an expensive Dragon Snake model out of an Origami museum.

Whats the time app                                        

Origami Bumble Bees

Paper car

I'm working on new models for my city here, sky scrapers, a limousine, a casino, a metro and more fun models. Now I have to think about a good storyline for a new game :)
Calculator App                                        
Walk the DOG
Let Barbie take you out as soon as possible, there's a large bone waiting in the park


Walking fashion dolls

Walk the Dog

Paper witch dollhouse Paper Police Van

Cat Mystery
Your cat's missing, where could she be?!