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               Origami BIRD Papers

You can print a pattern by first clicking on one. Then you see a white screen with only
a picture of the pattern. Choose for the option 'print' in the menu-bar of your
internet-browser and the bird pattern will be printed.

Origami rooster paper    Rooster  

Origami turkey paper    Turkey  

Origami woodpecker paper   Woodpecker

Origami baby duck paper Origami baby duck paper Baby Duck    
Front             Back
Origami Baby Chicken paper    Baby Chicken           

Origami Lovebird paper  Lovebird        

Origami Parakeet paper  Origami Parakeet paper Parakeet 1
Front             Back

Origami Parakeet paper  Origami Parakeet paper Parakeet 2
Front             Back
Origami Vulture paper    Vulture         

Origami Cartoon Bird Character paper Cartoon Bird     

Origami Swallow paper    Swallow           

Origami blue bird paper    Blue Bird         

Origami duck paper    Duck                 

Origami chicken paper    Chicken        

Origami Hummingbird paper   Origami Hummingbird paper Hummingbird  
Front              Back
Origami Tucan paper    Tucan        

Origami parrot paper    Parrot      

Origami Flamingo paper    Flamingo      

Origami Blackbird paper    Blackbird     

Origami pigeon paper    Pigeon         

Origami gull paper    Gull         

Some of these bird papers are double sided. First print the front page of the double
sided pattern. Let the ink dry for a while. Then, put the paper in your printer again, 
in a way that when you print again the back of the paper is printed on. Now you can print  
the back page of the bird paper.