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The printable papers are divided into these themes / categories:
Origami flower paper
 Origami Flower Papers

 Origami FASHION Papers

Origami Whale paper
Origami Panda paper
Lollipop paper
 Papers for Origami Animals

 Origami Food Papers
Plaid texture paper

 Papers for Ocean Creatures

 Papers for Fruits and Vegetables
Origami Banana Paper
Origami Parrot paper
Origami Black Cat Paper
 Origami Bird Papers

Origami Dinosaur paper
 Horror Origami Papers
Origami Plane paper
 Papers for Origami Planes

 Various Origami Papers

Polka Dot Paper
 Origami Dinosaurs papers

At this moment I'm (re)uploading my videos to other sites, so not all videos are available yet.
I do have pages with step-by-step diagrams for most of my models

Origami Clematis
Origami ClematisOrigami Clematis

Origami Clematis
Origami ZebraOrigami Zebra papersOrigami Zebra
Origami Zebra